Heineken apologizes for Russia: ‘We weren’t clear enough’

Heineken headquarters authorized the company’s Russian division to launch new products. The company says this is necessary to find a new buyer and avoid bankruptcy that could mean the loss of hundreds of employees.

In a new statement, Heineken discusses developments surrounding the company’s operations in Russia. Last month, investigations by Follow the Money revealed that Heineken is launching all kinds of new products, even as the company promised to leave Russia a year ago.

Heineken is now apologizing. The brewer says it takes some time to find a buyer for Heineken Russia and it is necessary to launch new products during this time.

“Bankruptcy Possible”

The company says that the Heineken brand was immediately withdrawn from the Russian market. But if it wasn’t replaced by new products, it could mean the end of Heineken Russia and its more than 1,700 unemployed workers.

In addition, local officials were threatened with criminal prosecution, as it is a crime to deliberately bankrupt a company.

“We recognize that we need to be clearer that new products should be released earlier,” the company said in a statement. “We realize that this creates confusion and doubts about our commitment to leave Russia. We are sorry for that.”

buyer wanted

Heineken Russia introduced new drinks last year. In addition to the Amstel variants, soft drinks were also in question. Coca Cola and Pepsi disappeared from the Russian market, but they were replaced by drinks from Heineken Russia.

In a previous statement, Heineken acknowledges that the decisions were taken by local managers in Russia but now its headquarters has approved the launch of international brands.

Heineken is looking for a buyer for its Russian branch and plans to close the deal in the first half of this year. All financial ties with the Russian branch were severed. explains the company.

Source: NOS