Mia instead of basic income: “No more subsidies for singles, more money for families”

Say goodbye to basic income introduced in 2019 and highly desired by the 5 Star Movement. The economic support measure is bound to be amended four years after its establishment, after a seven-month extension granted to beneficiaries by the latest budget law. According to a draft reform on the poverty subsidy being worked on by the Ministry of Labor led by Marina Elvira Calderone, basic income should be replaced by an “active coverage measure” (abbreviation: “Mia”): it can apply from September 2023 or in any case by the end of the year. The Charter is a necessity at the moment because it is a provisional text and therefore may still undergo several changes before it is submitted to the Council of Ministers, as we have explained here.

Minister Calderone spoke about the new subsidy in an interview today. Republicgives a few more details of the progress circulating so far. “The employable will not have a subsidy, but it will have an active policy, which is also defined by the participation allowance. The old basic income logic no longer exists – he said. Minors need to be protected”. The Labor Minister added that he does not yet know whether the new revenue will be called Mia, a measure of active inclusivity. “We want a name to describe a project. I’m more interested in the content than the container,” he said.

“The audience is hard to measure right now – the minister underlined – it’s not static, if it didn’t reduce poverty or increase employment, we would go back to the logic of permanent aid, which cost us 25 billion in three years. Who cares should be put in a position to do this, and precautionary measures should be taken as soon as possible. I’m not talking about austerity in a sense, but a much more active audience. The figures circulating these days are from an outdated work period. The draft: 12 items are not reforms, Calderone added.

For large families, “I will also consider the contribution of the allowance for children alone so that I can get more than now”. “So we will correct one of the income distortions reported by the Saracen Commission: It is an instrument that gives too much to the individual and too little to the households with children. According to this logic, the rent assistance will go to those who really need it, such as families with children and those over the age of 60. Citizen’s pension will be added to the new measure. will be included,” the minister insisted.

Does the definition of employable – not having a disability, minor or over 60 – seem limiting to you? “On the contrary, it will allow us to understand who really needs it. The whitepaper on the maneuver states that 404,000 people are employable, but as many as 300,000 – 75% – are single. This audience needs to be mobilized immediately. And we will do that by tapping into the weak income point: Taking responsibility. The 600,000 or so people who received the subsidy have never passed through an employment center,” said Calderone.

Source: Today IT