Bills, an apparent reduction in electricity: how much you can save

The good news for Italian families and companies is that the second quarter of 2023 could see a significant reduction in electricity bills of more than 20%. A direct prediction from Stefano Besseghini, head of Energy, Networks and Environmental Regulatory Authority Arera, speaking on the sidelines of an event in Milan: electricity and I believe there will be a drop in the next quarter as well: realistically it will be significant, at least it will correspond to December, it will be even higher, even over 20%”.

Electricity bills, how much can you save

The decline, announced by the Arera president, was positively received by consumer associations, who immediately calculated the impact on the pockets of Italians. The savings will be substantial, according to Marco Vignola, head of the energy sector at the National Consumer Association: “This is great news. A 20% reduction translates to an annual bill for a typical protected family with an average electricity consumption of 2,700 kWh kilowatt-hours per year. and the promised 3 kW of power will fall from 1434 to 1147 euros, a decrease of 287 euros on an annual basis, more than doubled, i.e. 606 euros less, compared to the corresponding period in 2021, when the bill would be equal to only 541 euros”. “Therefore, the Government – Vignola – concludes that it must renew all discounts that expire on March 31, from zero system fees to 5% VAT on gas. Failure to do so will be its own goal for the country. Caporetto for Italians Also from 1 month for condominiums and associations. It is also urgent that the end of the protected electricity market, which is expected in a shorter period of time, should be postponed to April 1, 2023, as they are only inexplicably considered micro-enterprises.

An estimate by Unc, which coincides with that calculated by Assoutenti: “With a 20% reduction in tariffs, the protected market’s average bill will fall to 1,147 euros per family per year per year, with lower spending equal to 287 at fixed prices. Euro One savings – Furio Truzzi, president of the association” explains – but only hypothetically, because reset of system fees and other concessions made by the Government on bills will expire on March 31. The annual euro per family causes the electricity bill to increase by +27% from today’s tariffs on the basis of current tariffs from April on electricity and extend the reduction in VAT and system fees until gas tariffs return 2020 values”.

Codacons’ response to Arera’s forecasts for the next electricity tariff update was also positive: “Any drop in bills is good news for consumers, but the Government should give a signal to reset system fees, a measure that expires on March 31, and Considering that system fees at full capacity account for about 22 percent of Italians’ electricity bills, it could lead to a spike in tariffs as early as April if no extension is made. Electricity bills in the fourth quarter will be 104% more expensive than in the same quarter of 2021, when the price of electricity in the protected market is equal to 20.83 euro cents per capita. Kilowatt hour. President Carlo Rienzi explains that, in terms of expenditure, it is equivalent to an increase in the annual electricity bill equal to +585 euros per family, a difference that should lead the executive to extend the cut in system fees and VAT, says president Carlo Rienzi. invoice”.

Source: Today IT