They are launching an option to invest with an annual return of up to 17.5% in cash

People looking to diversify their investment portfolios have the opportunity to optimize their excess liquidity not only through the buying and selling of stocks and assets such as ETFs, but also by getting into the mutual funds.

This is done through a fund linked to 100% digital fixed income, which benefits from high interest rates and with a target return of up to 17.5% effective per annum, with the lowest commissions on the market in the country.

The Trii platform initiative aims to ensure that the investor community can no longer invest only in Colombian or global equities, but also explore other investment options, broaden the panorama, diversify their portfolio and minimize their risk, all through the same platform.

“Every Colombian has access to these tools that were previously exclusive to the wealthy. From your mobile phone and with little money, you can enjoy the benefits of investing to achieve your dreams and financial goals,” said Carlos Guayara, co-founder of Trii, a platform that works hand in hand with broker Acciones & Valores.

He explained that it’s the 12M Plus fund, an investment alternative that uses Term Certificates of Deposit (CDT) and fixed-income bonds that allow investors to capitalize on the good times they’re having from $1 million and above.

“This investment option is managed by Acciones y Valores Comisionista de Bolsa SA and will be available in the application until March 10 and can be purchased from the mobile phone through the Trii application from $ 1 million, with a term of 12 months and with distribution of monthly returns, plus an administrative fee of 1% annual cash on the value of the investment,” said Guayara.

Meanwhile, Santiago Quintero, manager of the wealth division of stockbroker Acciones & Valores, emphasized that this proposal for Term Certificates of Deposit (CDT) aims at offering a collective investment fund, with a professional manager managing the funds.

“This fund in turn invests in a CDT of a financial institution with a high credit rating and the proceeds of this title are periodically transferred to the investor. It is an excellent alternative for investors with a conservative profile,” says Quintero.

However, the platform confirmed that they will continue to raise more funds throughout the year.

Source: El heraldo