Electricity and gas bills: what’s been going on since April?

Will bill discounts ending on March 31 be approved? Environment and Energy Security Minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin is optimistic but does not go too far. “We are currently conducting an assessment with the Ministry of Economy, which holds the purse strings, and this will certainly affect the full or partial inclusion of so-called system fees,” says one guest. Launch it on Skytg24.

“I confirm that after an initial drop of 20% in the previous quarter, we will have to recapture the 20% that contributed to 34% of gas and the subsequent 10%. Therefore, the trend is pretty good,” he added, but the new for an intervention “You need to go carefully.”

Among the measures to be renewed are tax credits for energy-intensive companies, VAT reduction from 22% to 5% for methane and district heating, zeroing and reduction of system charges for electricity and gas to 5%. VAT for gas.

New hikes will be made without any cuts in wages

In April 2023, the last aid against high energy prices will expire. Even if there is optimism from executives, it is not yet clear what will happen. “The government seems to have received our cry of alarm,” explains the head of Assoutenti Furio Truzzi. “In fact, we have been calling for the extension of the interventions in the system fees and VAT, which have been on the bill for weeks, because the recent tariff reductions would have completely disappeared with the price hikes before the discounts were renewed. Based on the current tariffs in effect, stopping the discounts until the next 31 March, April Let’s just say it will increase gas bills by 58% and electricity bills by 27% as early as this month.”

According to Assoutenti’s calculations, ending the discounts and concessions currently in effect on gas will cost 703.53 euros per family per year, with the average gas bill reaching 1,913.53 euros, a 58% increase compared to how much you make. pay today. For electricity, on the other hand, a full reintroduction of fees and VAT would cost 386.37 euros per family per year, + 27% in expenditures.

Electricity and natural gas prices are falling

As the Environment Minister himself reminds, it should be said that market prices have fallen in any case. According to Arera’s forecasts, in the second quarter of 2023, significant reductions of more than 20% may be seen in electricity bills. As for gas, in March the price fell 13% compared to January 2023 and 37% compared to February 2022, but still 22.3% higher compared to the pre-crisis period, ie February 2021.

Source: Today IT