Municipal maternity aid becomes more important: new amounts for 2023

Maternity aid provided by municipalities is becoming more important. The bonus was actually revalued by +8.1% based on the change in consumer prices recorded by Istat, equaling the full amount of 1,917.30 euros. This was communicated by INPS, which announced the amount and income limits for 2023 with the circular dated March 8th.

The check will be paid in five monthly instalments, with a maximum of 383.46 Euros. The ISEE requirement to receive full benefits is equal to 19,185.13 Euros.
Among the supports aimed at facilitating families, maternity benefit is a social assistance given by municipalities to mothers who are adoptive or in a foster family before adoption, Italian, EU or foreign nationals with residence permits. In the absence of other maternity benefits, the municipal allowance, also called “basic maternity allowance”, is paid by the INPS for five months only if the ISEE (Indicator of Equivalent Economic Status) is below a certain threshold. On an annual basis, which is equal to 19,185.13 euros in 2023.

Source: Today IT