Labor and pension reform projects will be discussed this Monday

The Minister of Labour, Gloria Ines Ramirez, It has held bilateral meetings with trade unions and production unions to take a point-by-point look at the proposals related to the world of work and pensions and to adjust some details.

The government and major union centers such as the Colombian Confederation of Workers (CTC)the Unitary Central of Workers (SNEE), the General Confederation of Labour (CGT) and the Confederations of Pensioners, ahead with the final details for the construction of the texts of the labor and pension reforms, which will be discussed in the Commission.

“We are working with the unions and pensioners’ confederations on the draft that the Subcommittee on Labor Reform has prepared, and in fact are doing our best to bring a bill to the big negotiating table that will give dignity to the workers,” said the minister of labor. .

Source: El heraldo