Airline tickets have risen by up to 29% due to Viva’s suspension

Airline prices in the country have risen to 29% after the suspension of operations of Viva Air, announced on the night of February 27, due to the economic crisis that the airline is experiencing, as concluded by the metasearch engine of kayak tours after making an analysis of the impact of this decision.

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The company compared ticket prices eight days before and eight days after Viva’s announcement to operate between March 10 and April 10 from the two main cities where the airline operated, namely Bogotá and Medellín.

This showed that in Bogotá the largest increase in travel to Medellin with 23%, followed by Saint Nicholas with 15% and the smallest increase is towards Barranquilla with 5%.

In the case of flights from Medellín, the largest increase can be seen towards Santa Marta with 29%, then to Mexico City with 27% and the smallest increase is towards Bogotá with 2%.

“The termination of the activities of this pioneering airline in the low-cost system Colombia It’s bad news for the industry. From Kayak, we will continue to work so that passengers can find options through our tools that help them overcome this moment,” said Alejandro Lombana, Senior Regional Manager for Colombia, Ecuador and US Hispanics at Kayak.

Lombana said one of the most important recommendations for finding favorable ticket prices is to plan and book the trip well in advance, and if possible between three and five months in advance.

Source: El heraldo