They offer loans to reduce the shortage of 16 million homes in Mexico.


To reduce the shortage of 16 million homes in Mexico, it will be necessary to support access to mortgages and provide access to decent housing for people without bank accounts, a study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) suggests.

Millions of homes shortfall must be covered over the next 20 years at a rate of 800,000 homes a year, according to a report released this Friday, Reflections on the Evolution of the Housing Market: Dreams and Realities. in collaboration with “proptech” (property technologies) La Haus.

“Today, housing requires new solutions, mainly in terms of financing, urban planning, municipalization of housing and social approach, and in the latter civil society plays a key role,” said the professor of urban planning and real estate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. , Albert Size, in a statement.

They pointed out that one of the main challenges in addressing Mexico’s housing problem is the specific financing of mortgages “which should integrate the large base of Mexican informal workers.”

“Infonavit (National Workers Housing Institute) is an institution that has been doing a lot of work for years, but the movement of the industry has taken it to a new limit and it has to innovate,” Saiz said.

Financing also refers to subsidies, which should be distributed at the regional level and encouraged by the government through public policies that provide for the municipalization of housing.

Otherwise, the report warns, most of the support will go to cities with the highest demand.

He went on to say that a large percentage of Mexican homes are neither decent nor safe for their residents, partly because they cannot get mortgages.

The study states that the best measure to meet this need is technological innovation to obtain information records containing information on payment of rent or ability to pay in the informal sector.

“This work is just the first entry in the face of a hidden need for data and information to help us understand which path we can take to fill the gap and secure access to real estate,” added La Haus co-founder and CEO. , Jeronimo Uribe.


Source: Aristegui Noticias


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