Retired with a quota of 103: Who can go and how much is lost


Who can retire with the “new” quota of 103? All information on applying for a flexible early retirement pension is available on the INPS website, with a minimum contribution record of 41 years.

Retired with a quota of 103: requirements and quantities

The pension cannot be received three months after the accrual of the conditions and in any case no earlier than April 1, 2023. Only public administration employees have to wait six months and at least 1 August 2023. The date of fulfillment of the age requirement for early flexible pension and old-age pension, it is not possible to combine the pension with income from employment or self-employment. an annual gross limit of 5,000 euros.

The maximum monthly amount of the flexible early retirement benefit cannot exceed five times the minimum treatment set for each year (for 2023 the amount is equal to 2,818.65 Euros). This limit no longer applies to the fulfillment of the age requirement for old-age pension of 67 for the two-year period 2023/2024. In addition, the severance pay/retirement pay period takes into account the moment when the employee reaches the normal early retirement requirement or the age requirement for old-age pension is fulfilled, not the retirement date of the person concerned. .

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