Colpensiones closed 2022 with 6.7 million members

Colpensiones closed 2022 with 6.7 million members

At the end of 2022, Colpensiones had 6.7 million members, representing 26.65% of the members of the General Pension System (SGP). Last year, the number of new affiliates transferred from private funds to the entity grew 9% to 1.2 million new affiliates.

The president of Colpensiones, Jaime Dussán Calderón, stressed that 98,353 new pensions were recognized last year, the highest figure in the past five years, with a growth of 6% compared to 2021.

He indicated that in the Average Premium Regime (RPM), 1.5 million people have retired, equivalent to 86% of the nation’s retirees.

The official assured that Colpensiones generated surpluses of $341,100 million, as a result of income growth increasing by 25% while expenditures increased by 5% compared to 2021.

Dussán Calderón emphasized the transcendental role that the Colpensiones will play in the pension reform proposed by the national government.

“We will be key players in the new comprehensive social protection system for the elderly, which means continuing to strengthen the entity so that every day it becomes a more modern, efficient and, above all, a more humane institution. Colpensiones should be seen as a paradise for everyone: young people in work, people with a long history of contributions, people approaching retirement, early retirement, voluntary savers and benefit recipients,” he stressed.

At the presentation of the Colpensiones balance sheet in 2022, in the context of the public accountability hearing, the Minister of Labor, Gloría Inés Ramírez, assured that “we have started building a road that will allow us to consolidate a pension system with greater coverage and social inclusion for the most vulnerable citizens and also for young people and in this way we will contribute to social protection”.

Source: El heraldo