Sales of Extra from Colombia will total $32 billion by 2022

Territorial games such as lotteries continue to generate significant growth rates in recent years and an example of this is the results of the sales of Extra de Colombia, which totaled $32 billion in 2022, growing 74% compared to the previous year.

This balance sheet was presented within the framework of the Assembly of the Extraordinary Draw of Colombia held in Cartagena within the framework of the “Gaming & Technology Expo” (GAT Expo) which brought together the main representatives, operators and main unions of the gaming industry. and opportunity

The president of Extra de Colombia, Mario Yepes Portillo, pointed out that these results are historic for this lottery in which nine departments of Colombia participate as partners, including Atlántico, Bolívar and Córdoba.

For the businessman, the increase in sales is a result of several factors, such as a multi-channel sales strategy, with permanent gambling dealers and lotteries selling lottery tickets directly to buyers.

He emphasized that hand in hand with higher turnover, contributions from transfers to health are increasing, which is of great importance for partner departments.

“We can say that 2022 was a historic year and that it is the product of the confidence that Extra has with more than 53 years of operation,” said the businessman.

For his part, the president of Coljuegos, Roger Carrillo Campo, said that 2022 was consolidated as the period of greatest strengthening for games of chance in Colombia.

He argued that the territorial games, such as lotteries, games of chance, and Scratch and Ready, registered an exploitation rights collection of $34,402 million in January of this year, where the lotteries alone contributed $7,247 million.

During the installation of GAT Expo, in Cartagena, the president of the regulatory agency reminded that these funds go to the local health funds (municipalities) who received $40,058 million, the departmental health funds (departments) $9,856 million, the ADRES $172,933 million , Fontet $20,252 and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation $16,834 million.

Source: El heraldo