Fair compensation is the law: what changes?

Final green light from Chamber to fair compensation law, with 243 votes in favour, no votes, and 59 abstentions. So almost unanimous for a law that protects professionals, especially helping young people not be underpaid. What changes?

Fair compensation: final approval of the chamber

Fair compensation becomes a reality after the Chamber definitively approves the Fdi and Lega bill on the services of freelancers. The regulation, which the self-employed world has been waiting for years, will protect professionals by preventing them from being underpaid by both private individuals and public administration.

The text requires banking and insurance companies (and their subsidiaries and agents) and companies with more than 50 employees or a turnover of more than 10 million to pay a fair wage “proportional to the amount” to the professional to whom they have entrusted tasks. and to determine the wage “according to the quality of work” and “ministerial parameters”.

Mulè: “Employees have the right to be paid the right amount”

“Parliament has just passed a bill that ends an injustice to self-employed workers: From now on they will have the right to be paid in proportion to the quantity and quality of work done,” said Vice-President Giorgio Mulè. Chamber and Forza Italia attorney – This is a provision that protects professionals who provide intellectual business services in favor of companies and public administrations. Until now, those who work for large customers, especially young people, have been forced to accept any offer. to win the customer, even if he loses, from today this will not be the case: employees have the right to receive the right amount”.

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