Pension reform maintains 13 annual benefits for retirees: Deputy Minister

The pension reform proposed by the national government retains the right to 13 annual allowances for pensioners and the annual adjustment, which is equal to the percentage of the minimum wage for allowances equal to this salary and the CPI for pensions above this amount.

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Employment and Pensions, Iván Daniel Jaramillo, who presented the reform projects in the field of labor and pensions in the framework of the public hearing of the Seventh Commission of the Senate of the Republic in Medellín.

Deputy Secretary Jaramillo said the pension reform will respect vested rights and enable more people to retire.

“The labor reform is not going to create employment, not because it is not interested, but because it is applied in employment policy in a different direction from public policy, which is supported by subsidies for women, young people and people who are about to enter the labor market. first job,” the official said.

He stressed that up to April 11, 760,000 new jobs had been created through the Department of Labor’s support programs, benefiting 22,000 companies, including 11,000 micro, 7,000 small and 2,000 medium.

“What we are looking for is to recover the lost rights, so we will push for the recognition of allowances for night, Sunday and holiday work, among other things,” he said.

Source: El heraldo