Emanuele Filiberto bought another team: Real Aversa

After Torre Annunziata’s Savoy, Prince Emanuele Filiberto took on another football team, Real Aversa. The news was given by the company in a social media post. The team playing in Serie D is going through a bad period, struggling for liberation without the support of fans.

Casa Reale Holding, represented by Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, Nazario Matachione and Marcello Pica, is acquiring the second sports club after Savoy “thereby giving more strength to the development project in our regions, with an even greater focus on football for social and educational purposes. It is of great importance for young people.” .Given the unavailability of the Augusto Bisceglia Stadium and the start of work on the rebuilding of the turf, the training will take place today at the Casa Reale Holding Spa’s availability until the end of 2019. He expects to be able to return to Bisceglia as soon as the season is available”.

The explosion of President Guglielmo Pellegrino

President Guglielmo Pellegrino threw in the towel. He decided to leave the team due to personal, family and economic reasons and emphasized that the only company that has really shown interest in the team so far is Casa Reale Holding Spa. The city now has a great opportunity to persuade these important entrepreneurs to continue playing football in Aversa.”

Pellegrino complains that the fans did not even respond on the occasion of the last match (1-3 loss) against Catania, which is crucial for salvation: “Only 50 tickets were sold: this means that only 50 people are on hand to support it. Aversa is such an important event.” In the match. Without concrete facts, no entrepreneur would have continued football without direct access to the stadium, among other things. I did everything I could at the moment, I saved football and convinced them that it was important. Entrepreneurs to save Aversa, now it’s up to you to convince them to stay left”.

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