IDB says it will guide the debate on labor and pension reform

“From the Inter-American Development Bank, we are in the best position to guide the entire debate and highlight the elements that have brought us success in implementing various reforms in other countries. Therefore, we reiterate the greatest willingness to accompany them efforts,” said Kelvin Suero after a meeting to strengthen agreements on employment policies and vocational training.

For its part, the IDB Labor Markets Division Specialist, Waldo Tapiaemphasized the progress of Ministry of Labour in the implementation of employment programs to reduce informality.

“This meeting served to establish guidelines and to see the great progress made by the Ministry in terms of job creation, which will undoubtedly improve the entire job search of the thousands of Colombians and Colombians involved in this process. to support. In addition, this meeting, which was attended by the Minister of Labourhas helped us find guidance on where we are going and how we are moving forward in the employability processes,” said Tapia.

Source: El heraldo