We hope that the new cabinet will be open to dialogue: Trade Council

The National Trade Union Council (CGN) said the 32 unions that make up it hope that the new members arriving in President Gustavo Petro’s ministerial cabinet will be open to dialogue on important national issues, such as the reforms being processed before the Congress of the Republic.

This follows the announcement of changes in seven ministries by President Petro.

“The country is going through a historic moment of major change and national agreement, so we are optimistic that this new cabinet will be open to dialogue, consensus-building and collaboration so that the reforms being passed through Congress of the Republic to close gaps, reduce inequality and fight corruption. We hope this is the chance to build a better Colombia,” they said in a statement.

The CGN welcomed the new ministers and wished them success in the work they will carry out.

“We reiterate our commitment to working together towards a Colombia where democratic principles, individual, collective and economic freedoms, the exercise of free enterprise, legal certainty and respect for institutions are guaranteed,” he explained.

Among the challenges the new officials will face, they emphasize that it is essential to continue to ensure fiscal stability and that respect for the independence of the institutions is paramount to maintain confidence in the country.

They also expressed their gratitude to the outgoing ministers for their commitment, dedication and service rendered during these months.

Source: El heraldo