Maxi fraud in frontline bonus: 670 million euros seized

“Ghost” properties and renovations were never done to create fake tax credits to be sold to third parties and therefore to make a profit. Allegedly, this is the scheme of the facade bonus scam, which consists of tax deductions for expenditures made by the Brescia financial police for interventions to improve or restore the facades of buildings. In the investigations of the Rome prosecutor’s office regarding the Brescia yellow flames, 670 million euros tax credits that are fake and close to being sold, and 50 million euros of assets and financial resources of twenty people were urgently confiscated. and companies operating in the provinces of Rome, Bologna, Pistoia, Salerno, Rimini, Verona, Naples, Isernia, Macerata, Avellino, Frosinone and Bolzano.

As explained in an official memo from the Roman prosecutor’s office, which coordinated the investigation by the Brescia financial police, the immediate seizure was necessary to prevent the “legal economic insertion and wrongful compensation” of these deemed fraudulent loans. According to the information revealed in the investigations, in fact, the loans are considered fake by the GDF, as they are specially created by “paper” companies that do not own any property.

Therefore, according to the accusations, the relevant renovation works would never be carried out in these buildings. In addition to the criminal hypotheses of fraud and false perception to the detriment of the State, there are hypotheses of accusation of money laundering, reemployment in economic activities and self-laundering of illegal proceeds for the persons under investigation. . Alevler says investigations are ongoing to determine the role of other subjects.

Source: Today IT