Many more private and business jets in Schiphol last year due to Covid and the summer crowds

Last year the VIP terminal in Schiphol-Ost was very busy. According to a letter from Minister Mark Harbers to Parliament, the number of private and business jet flights will increase by about a third by 2022.

Criticism of these business flights is now increasing. At the beginning of April, Schiphol announced that it would ban private flights in addition to night flights. According to CEO Ruud Sondag, private jets cause more noise pollution and higher emissions per passenger.

In a debate a few days later, a VVD lawmaker asked Secretary Harbers how many business jets and private planes have actually flown in recent years. The figures that the minister is now sending to the House of Representatives show that the number of flights has increased sharply, especially in the last year.

According to Harbers, it is not possible to make a very clear distinction between Schiphol East flights. The figure he gives is a combination of official and private flights and training flights, but according to the minister it is mainly business traffic.

The increase in business and private flights in 2022 comes after the chaotic summer crowds in Schiphol and the Corona restrictions. “This is expected to be a temporary increase,” Harbers writes. “Now the numbers seem to be flattening out again.”

Source: NOS