A “fair” job offer that will cause you to (immediately) lose your new citizen’s income

Citizenship income changes its name as well as its shell. We start with the €350 activation tool from September, replaced by the attendance check for vulnerable families from 1 January 2024.

But let’s focus here on job offers that are impossible to refuse for new beneficiaries. The person who receives the participation check and is therefore “workable” will have to say yes to a job offer, albeit for an indefinite period, in any Italian region. It is worth losing the help. On the other hand, if he is offered a fixed-term employment contract or even a temporary job, he must accept it only if the workplace is within 80 kilometers of his home. First, a draft decree a few days ago stipulated that an “unrejected” job offer across Italy could also be for a temporary contract of at least 12 months, after which the Meloni government backed off.

In addition to these requirements, the offer can be defined as “adequate” with a full-time or part-time job of at least 60% of the full-time program. Salary should never be below the minimum wage determined by collective agreements.

What if, instead, a family member receiving the allowance gets a job as an employee? Simple: In this case, higher income from the business does not contribute to determining the economic benefit if it stays within the maximum limit of €3,000 gross annually. Control is then suspended for only one component for contracts lasting one to six months and then restarts.

In the case of job offers, a clear distinction should be made between the inclusion allowance (Ordinary) effective January 1, 2024 and the Activation Tool (Sda) effective September 1, 2023. minors, over 60, disabled children. In these households, people aged 18 to 59 without any disability – a non-caring parent or an illiterate adult child – must take action: they are sent to “employment” centers and receive an SDA of 350 euros per month. (in addition to family allowance) during the period of study and in public works or public service.

If he receives a suitable job offer, he no longer receives the 350 euros and the quota of Adi calculated on his profile disappears: instead, the rest of the household continues to receive benefits.

On the other hand, the situation is (quite) different for fully ’employable’ families, i.e. anyone aged 18 to 59 without a disability with an Isee of up to 6,000 euros, or for single employable households. In this case, 350 euros per month are “for-term”, paid for a maximum of 12 months and there is no possibility of extension. This is a type of expense reimbursement limited to the full duration of the training course, public service job, or public service. If the course lasts for three months, they get 1050 Euros (350 x 3), so to speak. If there are four adults and all four attend a training course, they each receive 350 euros per month.

To get this money, you must first register with three private employment agencies, then on the Ministry of Labor platform called Siisl, where you sign up for the digital activation agreement and personalized service agreement, as well as provide the details of the three registrations with private employment agencies. . If a job offer comes in, 350 euros per month will be lost if the subject is unable to both work and attend the course. However, an explanation is awaited at this last point.

Source: Today IT