What happened to the free contraceptive pill for all women?

About 140 million euros per year. This is the equivalent of the impact on the national health expenditure of free use of the contraceptive pill for all women. Luca Ciriani, minister for relations with the Parliament, reminded him of this during a question in Parliament this afternoon when he was asked whether the government considers it “indispensable, within its mandate, to support Parliament’s decision”. The Price and Reimbursement Committee of the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa) is committed to the development of research on male hormonal contraceptives and, in this regard, also by identifying resources equal to 140 million euros, if necessary, to allow the AIFA Executive Board to quickly approve the free contraceptive pill for all women. Promote an information and education campaign about responsible sexuality”.

Ciriani explains that “recalling that AIFA has been operating within the scope of the autonomy granted to it since 2003 and in accordance with the autonomy of the Technical-Scientific Commission and the Prices and Returns Committee, which carry out the advisory functions provided for by the applicable provisions”. The question of the financial stability of the choices made in the pharmaceutical sector seems inevitable because of the impact on the relevant expenditures undertaken by the National Health System”.

As a result, “The assessments and insights that the Aifa Board of Directors is called upon to carry out these days in accordance with the mandate and powers vested in it by law – the minister says – are aimed at ensuring that the technical choice made is in line with the pharmaceutical spending ceiling planned by the advisory commissions and contributes to any progress. not found”.

The Italian Medicines Agency Price and Reimbursement Committee recently gave a positive opinion on the free contraceptive pill. However, this is an opinion that does not bind the Board of Directors, which must approve the final decision.

“The government is washing its hands, it does not want to take responsibility: this was communicated to us in the Chamber in response to our question, where we asked how the 140 million euros set by the Aifa Pricing Committee for the free pill were financed contraceptive”. This was expressed by Luana Zanella, group leader of Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra in the Room, and Elisabetta Piccolotti, deputy AVS, after the question hour in the Room. “The government’s decision to drain the allocation of financial resources in the healthcare context is very serious for women and their reproductive health, we will now await the final decision of the Aifa board,” they add.

Source: Today IT