Bancomat spa appoints new board of directors and approves Alessandro Zollo as managing director

The new Board of Directors of Bancomat spa met yesterday on the occasion of the Ordinary Shareholders Meeting of April 27, 2023 and was also called upon to approve the financial statements showing a profit of 8.4 million euros for the fiscal year 2022. President Franco Dalla Sega and Vice President Giovanni Sabatini with Alessandro Zollo, Stefano Barrese, Stefano Favale, Flavio Giannetti, Giacomo Marino, Roberto Amisano, Mauro Pastore, Luca Vanetti, Pasquale Marchese, Giuliano Cassinadri, Gianluca Santi, Raffaella, wooden Mastrofilippo.

At the Board of Directors meeting, the mandate of Chief Executive Officer Alessandro Zollo was renewed. The Shareholders’ Meeting also appointed the Board of Statutory Auditors, with Luigi Garavaglia as Chairman and Franco Carlo Papa and Giuseppe Ghisolfi as permanent auditors.

Source: Today IT