It should be clear how oil and gas royalties will be replaced: ACP

The president of the Colombian Association of Oil and Gas (ACP), Francisco José Lloreda Mera, assured that clear processes should be established on how the revenues and royalties left to the country from the production of oil and natural gas will be replaced .

He recalled that the oil and gas industry accounts for 40% of the country’s exports, 20% of tax revenues and 76% of royalties.

Speaking at the Great ACP Forum: Facts of Sustainability, which began in Barranquilla this Wednesday, the union leader said that “the energy transition must rise to the challenge of ensuring the macroeconomic and fiscal stability of the country and the quality of life of the communities.” .

Lloreda stressed that the country must embark on this path “without compromising the quality of life that societies, communities and countries have achieved, and the development they have planned for the future.”

In turn, Clara Guatame, president of the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH), pointed out, “we face an opportunity to move from a primary energy matrix to a diversified energy matrix.”

In addition, it announced an investment of USD 640 billion in energy transition projects. “Our commitment is to consolidate the foundations that guarantee the reliability of the energy system,” he added.

Source: El heraldo