Profeco study reveals amount of sugar in soft drinks

The US Attorney General’s Office for Consumer Protection published a study of 46 soft drinks on the Mexican market to determine whether they provide accurate information and meet health requirements.

Previously, products with the worst rating were reported, which could be subject to sanctions or even recalls.

The full study measures the amount of sugar, one of the elements that consumers may benefit from the most. It is concluded that Most of them exceed the WHO recommendation of 25 grams of total sugar per day.either per container or per 100 milliliters.

In the presentation of 600 milliliters, soft drinks with the highest sugar content are Dr Pepper, Red Cola and Jumex Naranjada Frutzzo.

In the 355 ml presentation, Coca Cola and Pepsi appear to be linked at the top of the table; they are followed by Cidral Mundet and Sprite.

Bad marks:

When Cider AghaThe Attorney General’s office found that contains only 1% apple juice, when the label says 20%.

ABOUT jarritosthe study showed that It is the soft drink with the highest sweetener content. and not quite sugar, but high fructose corn syrup, which suppresses the feeling of satiety. In addition, the historical slogan that has accompanied them for decades (How good they are!) is not verifiable, so it cannot be used.

So, Cus Orange claims it has an “intense citrus aroma”, which also cannot be confirmed; when free lifecontains the legends “with natural extract” and “100% natural”, which also could not be proven.

About soda Lacroixyour information is written in English, which is contrary to Mexican labeling regulations. Yes Yes does not accurately indicate the content of the sweetener acesulfame K.

Other non-compliant soft drinks that have been voluntarily withdrawn from the market, Jumex Orangeade Frutzzo, Ameyal and Orange Zing who claim higher content than what they actually have, above the acceptable limits of the standard.

In a previous interview with El Universal, lawyer Ricardo Sheffield pointed out that cola drinks do not contain preservatives because they its level of acidity eliminates “any mistake”. In addition, he recalled that drinking soft drinks is “not very healthy”, especially for children, because excessive consumption can be harmful to health.

In addition, Profeco warns that soft drinks that should not be consumed daily are unhealthy. kegs in its two-liter presentation because it contains high fructose syrup; shorties in a package of 250 ml, as it contains inverted sugar syrup and majestic retreatwhich also contains high fructose syrup.

Source: Aristegui Noticias