Motorcycle sales fell 23.1% in April from the same month last year

In the fourth month of the year, new motorcycle sales continue their decline, down 23.1% from April 2022.

According to Single National Traffic Registry (RUNT) registration information, 51,328 new motorcycles were registered in April 2023. The figure for April last year was 66,716.

According to the report by Más País, Andi and Fenalco, factors such as increases in the market representative rate and interest rates, as well as the difficulties in acquiring SOAT in some regions, have had a significant impact on this sector.

“Despite the decrease in motorcycle registrations compared to 2022, Colombian families continue to express their preference for motorcycles, especially from the less favored classes, as it is the best-selling vehicle class in the country,” said Eduardo Visbal, Vice President of Foreign Affairs Trade and Automotive Sector of Fenalco.

Source: El heraldo