CARF proposes to lower the threshold for contributing to Colpensiones

According to the group of experts, the optimal threshold from a pension subsidy and savings perspective for the economy would be from a minimum wage.

“Correcting the threshold improves the fairness of the reform and reduces the tax cost by 20% of present-value GDP, which is about $236 billion,” said Carf.

In this sense, they recalled that with the reform there are contributions to Colpensiones for incomes up to three minimum wages and all transfers expected for the period between 2025 and 2100.

The Committee’s study shows that with the reform contributions are expected to increase by 1.7% of GDP in 2025 and that the difference will be 0.9% of GDP by 2100.

De Carf warned against the management of the Savings Fund which will receive the resources of millions of people, for which they demand that it be managed by professional managers, with sufficient incentives to maximize returns on investment.

Source: El heraldo