Fitac appeals to the government in light of blockades in the Buenaventura corridor

The Colombian Federation of Logistics Agents in International Trade (Fitac) is issuing an alarm call and repeating a request to the government to consciously address the situation on the access roads to Buenaventura.

According to the Federation, this has consequences for the well-being of the population, the transit and transport of goods and people, the development of trade in the region and all activities related to the logistics chain and foreign trade.

“The recurring blockades in this important road corridor represent daily losses of approximately 5,000 million pesos to the local economy and between $50,000 and $55,000 million to the transportation union in the 16 roadblocks in Buenaventura Bay that occurred during the year, also accounting for keeping in mind the road that leads to the low calima and Puerto Aguadulce,” explains Fitac.

They add that the closures and inconveniences halting trading activities have caused Buenaventura to drop from 60% of this trade to just 40%, leading cargo owners to look at alternative routes and consider exporting their products through the Caribbean. consequences that would increase the economic impact in the Pacific region.

“From Fitac, we are warning the government representatives about the consequences of the logistics operation and the national dynamics with the cost overruns and paralysis of the transit of people and the movement of food, merchandise and basic necessities to the other municipalities of the region and the interior ”, emphasized the Federation.

Source: El heraldo