1200 new staff on the way at Ita Airways thanks to the agreement with Lufthansa

Finally, the long-awaited wedding was celebrated. Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti and Deutsche Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr met at Mef today to confirm the signing of the agreement between Ita Airways and the German company.Lufthansa has bought a minority stake (40%) in the Italian company and the company is for this year. He shared his industrial plan, which envisions revenue growth of 2.5 billion euros and 4.1 billion euros for 2027.

The agreement will now be submitted to the Italian Court of Auditors and notified to the EU’s Competition Authority (DG). Ita Airways’ development strategy will continue to be shared between the two shareholders (Mef and Lufthansa). A signature that must translate into the growth and renewal of the fleet will have 94 aircraft by the end of 2027 compared to the current 71 aircraft with an average age of five, ensuring optimization of fuel consumption and environmental impact. Thanks to 1,200 recruits in the improvement process, the expected workforce of 4,300 this year will increase to over 5,500.

Source: Today IT