The TV bonus is here again: three requirements to get it with unknown income factor

Well, who sees you again? The bonus for the scrapping of old televisions and the consequent state subsidy for the purchase of new generation televisions can be reactivated from 2024. It’s still too early for certainties, and it’s stipulated right now. But the fact is that the government has included this measure in a draft of a provision prepared by the ministry of companies to support the telecommunication sector in Italy. This is a provisional text and is therefore subject to changes, but in the meantime there is talk of a possible allocation of around 90m euros. Money to reactivate the incentive for next year.

So let’s see what will be the indicators of who can access the contribution, pending a perfected and official verdict: They can apply to the ministerial decree of 5 July 2021, outlining the rules for receiving the incentive. First of all, televisions purchased before December 22, 2018 are considered obsolete and scrapped: these are devices that do not receive broadcasts in the new encoding, Hevc master 10. In technical jargon, the latter is a “video codec” (encoder-decoder) to compress the television signal during transmission (for example from a television studio) and decompress it when received (TV, decoder, etc.) to keep the quality and definition of images unchanged in digital terrestrial broadcasts. used.

This type of bonus is paid only once: those who have cashed out in the past cannot claim it a second time unless new and different indicators are given. There are three conditions that must be met to receive the bonus: scrap a device purchased before 2018 as stated, but at the same time properly dispose of the old TV (directly in the store or at a municipal WEEE collection center at the time of purchase) , Rai license in addition to paying the fee (people over 75 will be exempt from the second specification).

What about income requirements? There is an unknown factor here. The new provision – still provisional, we reiterate – complies with the rules of a 2021 decree on scrapping bonuses. In this decree, there are no income restrictions on access to the contribution: anyone can benefit from it, provided that they comply with the Rai license fee. However, the draft Ministry of Business also mentions a previous decree of 2019 that provides TV bonuses only to families whose Isee income does not exceed 20 thousand euros. So we need to understand what the final option chosen by the Meloni government will be, will we keep the 2021 bonus for everyone regardless of income, or the 2019 bonus for less affluent families?

In addition, the decree issued in 2021 included a requirement that a 20% discount (up to a maximum of 100 Euros) of the price of the new television directly from the retailer at the time of purchase. Will it be like this again? It is not yet clear whether the government will offer the same figure again. Funds for the “old” TV scrapping bonus ran out in November 2022, with the decoder bonus being paid off. As a result, the platform made available by the Revenue Administration to obtain bonus issuance authorization has been active for months. It will most likely need to be reactivated.

“We have asked MEF to refinance the measure because we believe it is necessary to maintain a tool for citizens trying to facilitate this sensitive technological transition,” said Business Minister Adolfo Urso at the end of 2022. It is the will to re-offer the incentive for the scrapping of TV: the next few weeks will be decisive for perfecting the new provision contained in the telecommunications decree.

Source: Today IT