The Ministry of Finance recommends not to make “impulsive” purchases during the hot sale period.

A few days after starting hot sale 2023, The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) has issued several recommendations for users to make safe and responsible purchases.

Big Online Sales Season in Mexico Organized Mexican Online Sales Association (AMBO), will be held from from 29 to 6 June and expects more than 600 companies to participate.

During the 2022 hot sale, 5 out of 10 Mexican internet users over 18 bought a product or service. In the same year, the campaign produced total online sales 23,240 million pesoswhich is 25% more than in 2021.

According to the 2022 edition debit card payment was one of the main payment methods. In addition, digital bank cards have become more popular as a payment method compared to previous releases.

Unlike the use of credit cards or departmental cards, payments through deposits or transfers they gained strength.

In this regard, the National Commission for the Protection and Protection of the Rights of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF) recommends vigilance possible illegal activities social engineering, in which your personal information can be compromised.

Given the high transactionality observed in this event, CONDUSEF recommends Observe the following security measures when shopping online:

Before the purchase

1. Consider buying from official stores and recognized

2. Deny access to offers that come by email, as they may lead to unsafe sites. Instead, go straight to the seller’s page.

3. Make sure the site address (URL) starts with “https://” indicates a secure connection.

4. Make sure the device on which you will be making the purchase is compatible with updated antivirus and malware detection programs.

5. Check out other users’ opinions about their shopping experience in the store you are interested in.

6. Activate the double authentication factor social networks, mobile telephony and online banking.

at the time of purchase

1. Check availability small closed padlock in the browser windowbefore entering card details.

2. Confirm and save the seller’s contact information, it will be useful in case of any clarifications.

3. Never select the “Remember password” option. when you register online on a public computer.

4. Save or print payment receiptsas well as proof of purchase

5. Try to use one card for online banking to better control your transactions.

Source: Aristegui Noticias