“They offered me 400 euros to work 11 hours a day”

“They make ridiculous job offers and the government even has the luxury of saying we don’t want to work”. And again: “Here they are not looking for workers, but slaves.” Emanuela, 28, signed the post published on the Facebook page of a neighborhood group in Naples. The young woman said she was contacted “for a babysitter offer”. Monday to Friday, half day, for a monthly fee of 350.00 €. It was stated that the 28-year-old football player was all “black”. When the young woman tried to point out that the money was too little, she was told that the 800-900 euros per month compensation requested was “too much” for half a day.

Illegal or underpaid work is certainly not a new problem, as evidenced by field studies. Today documented the conditions of those working in the restaurant business (most recently, by Charlotte Matteini, read here). Of course, the problem of low wages does not only concern the waiters and those working in the kitchen, it is much more common. Especially at noon. So much so that Emanuela was never able to work on a contract ten years after graduating. She worked as a secretary, a waitress. Always black.

“400 Euros per month from 8 am to 7 pm”

After this boom, which was entrusted to social networks, he received another offer worse than the previous one. “For 400 euros a month, as a babysitter at all times from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm,” the Neapolitan girl told ‘Corriere del Mezzogiorno’. “On balance, I would have earned a little over a euro an hour. I told the person making the offer that it was a ridiculous offer, and the response was: “Then stay home”.

Emanuela’s is certainly not an isolated case. “Mine is a common situation for many of my colleagues,” the 28-year-old said, adding that many of his friends “have already left Naples”. But leaving is not always easy. There is no solution to Güney’s problems. “Even though my mother tells me to go and think about my future, I cannot leave her alone”. Then the young woman lets her think one last time: “Have you narrowed down the basics of basic income? It’s okay. But now go and check if you can do it at least on reasonable terms when one goes to work.” .

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Source: Today IT