5 house bonuses you can have without renewing

And who says you have to renovate your house to get all the perks of the house? Some incentives can also be used without having to do more “extensive” work: These are the 5 bonuses offered to citizens who want to make their homes more efficient and safe, even without renovating them. Naturally, there are certain conditions and requirements that must be met in order to obtain them. Let’s see in detail what are the 5 home subsidies you can have without renovating.

Let’s start with the non-reconfigurable air conditioner bonus, which is part of the Ecobonus and provides a 65% discount on a maximum of 46.154 Euros, divided into ten equal installments per year. Ecobonus can be used to purchase highly efficient heat pump air conditioners that can be used to both cool and heat the home.

And there’s the 2023 green bonus: a tax deduction dedicated to improving the gardens, patios and exteriors of homes and apartments. This benefit makes it possible to receive an Irpef rebate of 36% on expenses for the maintenance and redevelopment of private green spaces of existing buildings. The bonus is valid only for work done outside of residential premises. The exemption request is made on the basis of the declaration and the repayment is made in ten monthly installments in equal amounts, starting from the year in which the expenses of the accepted interventions are made. The maximum allowable spending limit is 5,000 euros: therefore the maximum deduction that can be obtained is equal to 1,800 euros.

Another of these incentives for the home is the fixture bonus, which allows you to replace the windows of your home without having to deal with a complex renovation, provided that the specific heat transmittance values ​​​​of the climate zone you belong to are respected. . In this way, you will not have to resort to co-payments such as ecobonus or restructuring bonus, which allows 50% of the cost of replacing windows to be recovered. In essence, this contribution makes it possible to repay 50% of the expenses for replacing windows by 31 December 2024, with a maximum of 60 thousand euros, in ten annual installments of the same amount.

The awning bonus is also confirmed for this year and the next. Facilitation is part of the 50% eco-bonus and 110% super-bonus business as it interferes with the energy performance of the building and can cover both the purchase and installation of products. The incentive consists of an Irpef or Ires deduction of 50% on the maximum spend of 60,000 Euros to purchase sun protection structures in a single home. There are three ways to get this incentive: discount directly on the invoice; Irpef deduction with 50% of the expenditure being repaid in ten years in installments of the same amount each year; transfer of tax credit for the awning bonus to a third party. To obtain the deduction, the application must be submitted and some specific documentation submitted on the Enea website within 90 days of the end of the studies or tests.

Finally, the mosquito net bonus, which is also approved for 2023: It offers a 50% tax discount on mosquito net purchases made until 31 December 2023. To achieve this, it is necessary to choose a mosquito net model with a “sunscreen” certificate. “: It is essential that the value defined as “Gtot” of mosquito nets is greater than 0.35 and approved by the manufacturer. However, not everyone can claim it: the bonus can actually be received for different types of property, such as private homes, commercial buildings and production facilities.

Those who can access with Irpef deduction (instead of Ires, which is specific to production sites) are the owner and bare owner of the property; has a usufruct or other right on the real estate; tenant; debtor and condominium, but limited to common areas.

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