CRE adds natural gas generated energy as clean

Energy Regulatory CommissionBELIEVE) is added to the category of “clean” and “fuelless” electricity to the electricity produced with natural gaswhich was criticized by activists as a “hoax” aimed at a fictitious attempt to meet the country’s environmental obligations.

In an extensive paper published this Friday in the Official Gazette (DOF), CRE announced changes to several rules related to performance measurement calculations. cogeneration and percentage of free energy from fuel.

In the published agreement section BELIEVE it says that “clean electricity will be considered” that which uses the residual heat of the system that was used natural gas or cleaner fuel.

In another new section, CRE specifies that “fuelless energy” This will be additional electricity generated by the plant using natural gas, which is a product of cooling technology.

So far, natural gas considered an energy transition fuel to renewable sources, but not to clean energy sources.

Environmentalists raised their voices after formalizing the legal changes to the DOF, which were approved this week by the CRE governing body, saying the regulator approves the processes and fuels that produce the pollutants. pose a health hazard and contribute to global warming.

“The proposed changes will inform the world that our country will increase the share of renewable energy in our energy matrix. when it really isn’t“, the four environmental organizations, including Greenpeace, said in a joint statement.

“This new agreement will not add a single megawatt (MW) of renewable energy capacity to our electricity matrix. and will not reduce a single ton of carbon dioxide additions,” the statement said.

The General Climate Change Act establishes a commitment to at least 35% of electricity from clean sources by 2024.

Government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador prevents the expansion of the presence of private and foreign companies involved in renewable energy sources. and instead sought to favor the government’s CFE generator, which generates most of its energy from fossil sources.

Lopez Obrador tried cancel deep reform that he fully opened the sector to private capital and indicated that the state-owned companies CFE and Pemex were at risk with several more players in the market.

But the president assures that the reform, carried out between 2013 and 2014, weakened CFE and Pemex so that they disappear over time, and proposed Mexico’s energy self-sufficiency as a matter of national sovereignty. (rts)

Source: Aristegui Noticias