The coast has 39% of the country’s proven gas reserves

According to the entity associated with the Ministry by Mines and energyLa Guajira is the department with the largest amount of proven gas reserves with 559 giga cubic feet (Gpc, unit of measurement used to determine the volume of a gas) and represents the country one 20% of these reserves.

In that order it is followed by Córdoba at 9%; sugar at 5%; Atlantic Ocean (3%); Magdalena (2%), while Cesar and Bolívar, despite their reserves of less than 1%, have 12 Gcf and 5 Gcf respectively. Total, la Costa has 1,098 Gcf of proven gas reserves.

“The size of the gas discoveries offshore and in continental areas, announced in 2022 confirm that the Caribbean region is a critical area of ​​the country to implement natural gas supply,” he said. Luz Stella Murgaspresident of the Colombian Natural Gas Association (Naturgas).

For Awesome potential of the Caribbean, Amylkar Acosta, former Minister of Mines and Energy, said in dialogue with EL HERALDO that there is a great strength of natural gas, especially in the new gas province in the Tayrona blocknear the departments of Magdalena and La Guajira.

Source: El heraldo