The country recorded a record foreign direct investment in the month of April

The country recorded a record foreign direct investment in the month of April

Foreign direct investment arriving in the country in the month of April amounted to USD 1,951 million which represented a significant increase of USD 1,072 million compared to the month of March which amounted to USD 879 million.

According to data from the Bank of the Republic, the annual rate is 12.3%, which means that investments reached $1,951 million in April. This indicator is comparable to the USD 1,737 million reported last year.

The issuer also pointed out that during the year to April, the foreign direct investment figure reached $4,810 million.

Faced with these indicators, the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, stressed that there had never been a figure for the arrival of foreign direct investment like the one recorded in the month of April.

“The highest in recorded history,” Petro said on his Twitter account.

Henry Amorocho, a professor of public finance at the Universidad del Rosario, said that despite the behavior in March being similar to last year, the panorama changed in April after news of the change of seven ministers in Gustavo Petro’s cabinet . a report that could have been bad for investment.

“What is happening is that new ministers are coming in, but precisely the finance minister, Ricardo Bonilla, is leaving a clear message to international entities that he will respect the country’s fiscal rule and fiscal sustainability, along with a commitment to to fulfill the international obligations. That single message already gives security on the international stage, and that is why it is reflected in this kind of behavior,” Amorocho said in conversation with EL HERALDO.

He added that the financial and legal certainty is already open to the fact that there is already an approved tax reform, and therefore a good environment is being created for the increase in foreign direct investment.

Source: El heraldo