The presentation of the pension reform maintains the pillars and proposes certain changes

The pension reform note maintains the pillar system initially proposed and introduces some changes, such as the age of women who will receive the basic income, which drops from 65 to 60 years.

For example, the Integrated Social Security for the Elderly consists of the Solidarity Pillar, the Semi-Premium Pillar, the Premium Pillar, which consists of the Medium Contribution Component and the Supplementary Individual Savings Component, and the Voluntary Savings Pillar.

This age reduction to 60 for women also applies to the non-contributory pillar, while the minimum age for men is 65.

It should be noted that these ages apply to the solidarity and contribution pillar, but that in the contribution pillar the retirement age of 57 for women and 62 for men is maintained, as well as the 1,300 contribution weeks.

Source: El heraldo