Waiting times for application for education grant: ‘Steam comes out of my ears’ –

Studies are expensive and many Dutch people receive little or no education after their education. If you don’t pay yourself, you are dependent on the generosity of your boss. Self-employed or unemployed people have bad luck, they have to spit everything out themselves during retraining and further training.

Education can no longer be deducted from the income tax return from 1 January. To ensure our lifelong learning, a personal development budget has been introduced since 1 March.

Anyone who wants to follow a recognized training course will receive a maximum of 1000 euros per year from the government. There is a budget of 160 million euros for 2022, divided over five rounds.

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The admission office opened at 10:00 am yesterday morning, with Nathalie Montfoort at the computer. “I thought, I’ll do it right away at 10:00, then I can meet at 10:30 and then it’s over. But I was immediately in a huge digital queue. He said it would take an hour, but this message lasted most of the day.

At around 5pm, it seemed like it was finally his turn. The timer went back to 40 minutes. “I was about to go to the mailbox but decided to stay home and then the wait suddenly increased to an hour.”

Source: RTL