Business tourism, the driving force behind the development that Barranquilla has had

The lure of business tourism has provided opportunities for Barranquilla to strengthen both nationally and internationally over the past decade, he said. vicky osorioexecutive director of ProBarranquilla in the context of the event ExpoPro Barranquilla 2023 held in the Crystal Pavilion of the Malecón.

The leader said that precisely these events have brought greater dynamism of development in the capital of the Atlantic in strategic sectors, bringing not only economic strengthening, but also visitors to whom the department’s ability to conduct business, its infrastructure and quality of life.

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“The events help us sell the area more and more, which strengthens the management of the investment attraction,” said Osorio. He added that the business tourism competition is not local, but international. “When capturing an event, we compete with other countries such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico and the United States, among others. In presenting our value proposition, we emphasize the strengths we have as a territory to facilitate the arrival of these events; we make sure they know our infrastructure and capabilities so that when they visit us, the organizers decide that Barranquilla is the right destination”.

Osorio emphasized during the panel ‘Business tourism, a catalyst for development’ that the City Hall Barranquilla and the Government of Atlántico make up the hardware and the Chamber of Commerce the software of the business tourism industry while ProBarranquilla is that sales engine that makes it possible to make these terms known to the world, all these entities make up the Destination Team of the Atlantic Ocean Department.

“When we think about tourism, we’re talking about 10% of global GDP, and business tourism is 22% of that tourism,” Osorio said.

Source: El heraldo