In the Sejm, a bill in defense of Polish forests. Half a million people signed it

Sessions of the Sejm are underway. On Friday, MPs will consider a bill to defend Poland’s forests signed by half a million Poles.

“Today the Sejm of the Republic of Poland will deal with a project to defend Polish forests supported by 500,000 citizens. We will stop the insane attempts to confiscate Polish forests by Brussels Eurocrats” – said the spokesman of the State Forests, Michal Gzowski.

The Committee of the Social Legislative Initiative “In Defense of Polish Forests” was set up in March this year. Then the signature collection began. The fundraiser was a huge success – over 500,000 were raised. signatures.

What does the project entail?

Article 11 of the draft decision on the cooperation of the Council of Ministers with the Sejm and Senate in matters related to the membership of the Republic of Poland in the European Union: “To adopt a draft legislative act of the European Union the Council of Ministers shall provide the Sejm with written information on the position of the Republic of Poland that the Council of Ministers shall have the Committee responsible for forestry and forest management of the Sejm issue an opinion on the draft position of the Republic of Poland by a 2/3 majority vote At the request of 15 deputies, the opinion on the draft position of the Republic of Poland is presented by the Sejm with a 2/3 majority in the presence of at least half of the statutory number of deputies”.

Response to EU plans

The initiators of the citizens’ project warn against attempts by the EU. As they point out, Brussels “wants to take away Poland’s right to manage Polish forests; impose EU bans, destroy the Polish timber industry; eliminate Polish competition in the European market; introduce an aggressive climate policy, increasing timber prices; ban access to any third forest in the country.”

According to the proposal, a preamble should be added to the 1993 law. It reads as follows: “Guided by the constitutional obligation of the government to protect the natural environment, recognizing the important role of generations of Polish foresters in regaining Poland’s independence and the contribution of the state forests to the successful development of the Republic Poland, aiming to safeguard and consolidate the national character of the state forests, to conduct a permanent sustainable and multifunctional forest management, taking into account the activities of the European Union authorities aimed at usurping the exclusive competence of the Member States in the field of forestry and the pursuit of these processes.

It was also proposed that the Minister responsible for the environment should submit a report to the Sejm of the Republic of Poland by March 31 annually on the implementation of: supervision of forest management and the objectives of sustainable forest management.

More information about the project can be found here.

Source: Do Rzeczy