Construction of the STH. The next phase of investment implementation has begun

The company Centralny Port Komunikacyjny took over the architectural concept of the passenger terminal and integrated central station, the CPK announced.

Taking over the concept prepared by the British consortium of Foster + Partners and Buro Happold means moving on to the next phase, which is to develop a construction design.

Design of the passenger terminal and CPK station

Last year, on Independence Day, we started designing the CPK passenger terminal and train station. Since then, we have worked intensively with a team of 250 designers and experts on the preparation of the architectural concept. As of now, we already know what the terminal will look like, ie the heart of the CPK and the air gate to the world, and for those who arrive, the first experience related to our country. We also show the first train station so closely integrated with the airport – said President Mikołaj Wild, quoted in the release.

The central element of the multimodal STH hub will be the atrium, which will connect the passenger transfer area of ​​the airport, train station and bus station under one roof in the form of a diamond. The atrium is located before the security checkpoint, which means it is open to the public. It can also be an attractive place to spend time for employees and guests of the nearby Airport City i.e. hotel, office and commercial parts.

– Our CPK project focuses on passengers. Our ambition is to create an accessible and readable building that enhances the travel experience. The minimal number of level changes and a large architectural span ensure clear visual connections: from the side of the ramp to the terminal towards the airport apron, making orientation very easy. The vaulted roof fills the space with light and guides passengers through the building to their destination. Combining three types of transport in one place, it integrates a new station that is part of the national high-speed train system. We believe that the CPK will completely change the way people travel around Poland, as well as become a new, powerful gateway to Europe and the rest of the world – added the head of the Foster + Partners studio, Grant Brooker.

Passenger Facilities

The passenger terminal of the airport, which will occupy an area of ​​approximately 400,000 square meters. m2 will be on two levels. Arrivals and security checks take place in both the Schengen and non-Schengen areas. Then non-Schengen passengers go to the level where a separate part of the terminal, restaurants, shops, etc.

The terminal will be directly connected to four modular piers, an extended part of the passenger terminal (with the possibility of expansion in the future, if required). In all areas of the terminal, passengers have access to two-way moving walkways, which minimizes transfer times and raises the standard of service.

In addition to traditional check-in points, the terminal will be equipped with self-service check-in counters. self-bag drop and kiosks with the possibility of biometric service. Security and document control are carried out, among other things: using CT scanners, which reproduce a three-dimensional image of luggage, and automatic gates. The designer foresees the use of the latest solutions in the baggage transport and scanning system, including for the rapid handling of transfer baggage.

CPK station

The train station will serve the airport, but it will also act as a nationwide transport hub, integrating train connections from major cities in Poland. The CPK station consists of 6 underground platforms (12 tracks) for regional and long-distance trains. The platforms will be covered in such a way that the station can be comfortably reached on dry feet, which will be located in the atrium on the north side of the terminal and will be connected to it.

From the train station, passengers have easy access to the bus station and the Airport City. The interchange will be equipped with bus sections, waiting rooms with ticket offices and commercial facilities. In the vicinity of the bus station, the investor is planning hotels that will become the first buildings of the Airport City, we read further.

The Central Communication Port is a planned transfer point between Warsaw and Łódź, which should integrate air, rail and road transport. CPK is 100 percent. property of the state treasury.

Source: Do Rzeczy