“The blackmailer does not stop.” Bad news about the grain deal

There is an idea to get Russia to extend the grain deal. However, Ukraine has many doubts. Will the Kremlin break the deal?

Olga Trofimtseva of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry criticized the idea of ​​allowing the Russian bank to rejoin the global financial system. This would be the continuation of the grain agreement, which would allow Ukraine to export grain.

Earlier, the Financial Times reported that the EU was considering allowing a sanctioned Russian bank to spin off a subsidiary that would reconnect to the global financial network. According to the informants, the plan, proposed by Moscow during negotiations with the UN, would allow the Russian Agrarian Bank to set up a subsidiary to handle payments related to grain exports. The new entity will be able to use the Swift global clearing system, which was closed to the largest Russian banks after last year’s invasion of Ukraine.

The idea is seen as the “least worst option” by his supporters, leading to Vladimir Putin’s backing to extend the deal. FT sources say Russian threats to break the deal appear more serious this time than during previous rounds of negotiations over its renewal.

“The Blackmailer’s Demands”

Olga Trofimtseva noted in a Telegram post that, on the one hand, all opportunities to export agricultural products are “good”. However, according to her, concessions to the blackmailer (Russia – ed.) mean “encouraging him to further blackmail”.

“It’s a well-known mechanism: the extortionist doesn’t stop when you meet his demands. He just comes up with new extortion demands. We will closely monitor the situation,” she stressed.

Recall that the grain deal was first signed last July and has since been extended many times, despite the threat of breaking the deal from Moscow. Russia says Western countries have failed to implement their part of the deal, which is their commitment to ensure Western sanctions do not affect Russian food exports.

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Western states of failing to comply with Russian demands under the Black Sea Grains Initiative and said Moscow was considering withdrawing.

Source: Do Rzeczy