Lisicki: The New Soros Dynasty. Ziemkiewicz: Big companies absorbed the rebels

“Soros is an old, greedy speculator. For me, the stupidity of those who buy these tearful pieces is incomprehensible – says Rafał Ziemkiewicz in the last episode of the program “Polska Do Rzeczy”.

George Soros has decided to retire. The businessman handed over a $25 billion financial empire to his son. For years, Soros supported a leftist agenda with his wealth.

Soros and his son usually share political views, but Alex does not hide that he will want to use his fortune to become more involved in public affairs. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Alex Soros’s successor assured that he would use his fortune to prevent Donald Trump from winning the presidential election. He added that the Open Society Foundation, founded by his father, will continue to promote freedom of expression, criminal justice reform, minority and refugee rights. It will also support liberal organizations and politicians. In addition, Alex Soros has already announced that the foundation will work for the liberalization of abortion legislation. At the same time, FOS will focus more on its activities within the United States than on the world.

Soros Empire. Lisicki and Ziemkiewicz comment

The change in Soros’ empire is commented on in the last episode of “Polska Do Rzeczy” by Paweł Lisicki and Rafał Ziemkiewicz. – Soros handed over the reins of the company and business to his son. It is about $ 25 billion, which will be ruled by 37-year-old Alexander. He’s going to do the same, only stronger. Soros’ son admitted that he thinks like his father. Young Soros should “intensify actions for legal abortion and gender equality and support democratic politicians,” said the editor-in-chief of “Do Rzeczy”.

“The company succeeded. To me, the stupidity of people like Adam Michnik, who crash into the wall, are crushed by it and yet fail to notice, is incomprehensible. They still see philanthropy in Soros’ actions, which is absurd. Soros is an old greedy speculator. To me, the stupidity of those who buy these tearful pieces is beyond comprehension. Big corporations devour the world and then only do “charity” – Ziemkiewicz remarked. “The money is not only given to the poor. It is spent for such purposes as to ensure that these wealthy people function as philanthropists, follow proper history, etc., added Paweł Lisicki.

Trailer of the 203rd episode of the program “Polska Do Rzeczy”.

Source: Do Rzeczy