“He suddenly discovered America.” Bosak answers Gdula

Maciej Gdula, a member of the left, made a discovery that he decided to share with Twitter users. Krzysztof Bosak responded to his entry.

“Do the Konfederacja voters know that their party considers the Reconstruction Fund illegal and calls it a “harmful program” in the program. This means that Sławomir Mentzen and Krzysztof Bosak will not fight for 52 billion euros for Poland. It is worth knowing! ” Gudula wrote.

Bosak: Gdula discovered America

“This one has suddenly discovered America!” – commented on Gdula’s entry, one of the leaders of the Confederacy, Krzysztof Bosak. He then recalled in a slogan the postulates that the Confederation had formulated over the past two years in the field of the EU reconstruction fund.

Yes, from the start we are against: Fooling Europeans that it was about covid and the crisis, not about creating new EU budgetary policy toolsGiving Brussels the right to incur debts, giving Brussels the right to raise taxes, programming government actions by Brussels (non-treaty, harmful and secretly recorded so-called milestones)”.

Bosak further wrote that his group is also against “making the payment of funds dependent on the political control of Brussels (non-treaty money for obedience rule, the way of accepting all this in violation of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and the for Poland hiding the real nature and content of the Next Generation EU program (sold in Poland as Reconstruction Fund/KPO).

Source: Do Rzeczy