Germany is spending millions of euros on a campaign against nuclear power

The government in Berlin is paying German organizations to attack the nuclear power plant in France. These actions also affect Polish interests.

According to a recent report by the French think tank Ecole de Guerre Economique, the German government spends millions of euros annually on propaganda activities targeting the French nuclear industry.

German foundations and think tanks, such as the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation or the Heinrich Böll Foundation, with branches in Paris, but also in Warsaw, are spreading a negative message about nuclear energy in France. The funds for this come directly from the Bundestag.

According to calculations by Ecole de Guerre Economique, in 2000 the German parliament spent almost 300 million euros on the activities of political foundations, in 2014 already more than 460 million euros and in 2023, which is not yet over, even 690 million euros.

The anti-nuclear story is conducted by publishing reports, offering grants and training courses, or organizing meetings with foreign politicians and opinion leaders.

Energy of the atom. Germany’s actions against France also affect Poland

French analysts believe that the German nuclear campaign aims to undermine the competitiveness of the French economy by depriving it of a source of cheap and stable energy.

The website, which describes the French report, points out that such a policy by Berlin also affects Poland’s interests, because our country has opted for nuclear energy as part of the energy transformation.

As we read in the article, Germany does not mind importing cheap electricity from France, which comes from nuclear power. Moreover, according to data from the German government, these imports have been growing for many months and March of this year was record-breaking.

At the same time, as the portal emphasizes, Germany does not want nuclear energy to fit into EU climate policy in any way and be seen as green energy under the European Green Deal.

Source: Do Rzeczy