Ukraine: emergency shutdown of a nuclear unit. Poland sent its electricity

Poland and Romania sent their electricity to Ukraine after an emergency shutdown of one of their nuclear units.

On the evening of Tuesday, June 27, the sudden shutdown of a nuclear power plant forced Ukraine to accept urgent assistance from the EU in supplying electricity. According to the website, this information comes from the Ukrainian energy company Ukrenergo.

“Yesterday, June 27, from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM, due to the insufficient total capacity of Ukrainian power plants to cover evening consumption, the energy system of Ukraine received emergency assistance from the energy systems of Poland and Romania, 150 MW per hour, i.e. a total of 1,200 MWh “, emphasizes the agency. Union.

The situation is back to normal

Ukrenergo explained that the power shortage in the electricity system was caused by an emergency shutdown of one of the nuclear units. On Wednesday morning, the power source was already working. The load was gradually increased.

Ukrenergo further reminds that emergency aid is not a commercial import. “This is an ad hoc emergency assistance to balance the electricity grid. Ukraine can benefit from emergency assistance from neighboring countries due to the synchronous operation of the Ukrainian power system with the European ENTSO-E power system,” we read.

“Currently, electricity production is sufficient for the needs of consumers, but the situation in the Ukrainian energy system remains difficult. The repair campaign at conventional power plants and some nuclear units continues. Thus, power plants have limited possibilities to cope with the unpredictable closure of some units, especially at evening, when demand increases. In May-June, Ukraine has used emergency assistance from EU countries’ electricity grids several times due to shortages, mainly caused by Russian attacks. Due to the shortage, Ukraine also increased electricity imports and almost stopped exports.” – describes

Source: Do Rzeczy