Energy unions ask Petro for measures given the situation in the sector

With regard to the CREG, the trade unions point out that from the promulgation of Law 2099 of 2021, in addition to the Minister of Mines and Energy, who chairs it, the Commission is composed of the Minister of Finance and Public Credit and the Director of the National Planning Department, and by six exclusively dedicated energy experts appointed by the President of the Republic for a period of four years.

“The need for exclusive commitment and stable periods of four years is a result of the functions assigned by Law 143 of 1994, both to the Committee of Experts and to the CREG itself, including functions that, in addition to defining the methodology for calculating tariffs and their approval, creating the conditions to ensure the availability of an efficient energy supply, capable of meeting demand based on social, economic, environmental and financial viability criteria, promoting and maintaining competition likewise,
establish the operational rules to carry out, inter alia, the planning and coordination of the operation of the national interconnected system”, they indicate.

They recall that about three months ago, President Petro appointed experts responsible for the modality, all officials of the national government in entities other than the CREG, so that they must simultaneously fulfill the functions of two senior positions of responsibility.

“Considering the importance of the functions performed by commissioned experts, we respectfully express the urgent need to appoint our own commissioned experts so that those who assume regulatory responsibility have exclusive dedication to their work and a giving up situation which is not advisable as those who hold the position today, under the commission modality, do so by simultaneously settling matters related to their positions in entities such as the Ministry of Mines and Energy and the Mining and Energy Planning Unit, leading to an overload of work that may prevent the construction of the best possible regulation, at a time when it is needed, given the signals issued by the government, among others, through the recently issued Policy and Guidelines Decree”, add them to it.

They ensure that the nomination of vacant positions for positions commissioned by experts at the CREG is a golden opportunity for the government to renew the confidence that the country has in the Commission and to technically develop its policy in an environment of free, in-depth and independent discussion, such as that required by the country in these moments of economic cycle and change.

“It is transparent to our associations that current appointments be confirmed or new ones made, provided that the appointees meet the requirements set by law for such purposes; For this reason, we respectfully urge our request to appoint the available expert positions, an aspect in which we have every confidence that the government will find suitable candidates capable of filling such prominent positions,” they said.

In addition, the trade unions refer to the need to implement and regulate Decree 929 of 20231, where the government defines the electricity service policy, since the Decree assigns new regulatory tasks to the CREG, so it is useful that the revised indicative agenda is published by the Commission for 2023, and update it with the new topics as needed, taking into account the resources available this year, and submit it for comment for consideration.

Source: El heraldo