Automatic payroll bonus from 185 to 534 euros in August: who gets it?

We are finally here. After a long wait, the first one-off installment for public administration employees, 1.5 percent of the government’s salary brought by the latest budget law, will come in the August paycheck. The executive has set aside 1 billion euros to support civil servants against the cost of living: the salary due as of July concerns about 3.2 million people and provides 13 months’ salary for the whole of 2023. For this reason, it will be a rich surprise for the civil servants who will receive the salary slips of the past months from January to the present, as well as the increase in the current month’s payroll for August. payroll is more than 500 euros.

surprise in August salary

In August, at least the first part of the civil servants will receive the first installment of the bonus along with their debts, while for some categories, such as substitute teachers, we will have to wait until the next month. The amount of bonus calculated on the salary of the individual employee will be directly proportional to the latter and therefore insignificantly “richer” for those with a higher salary. A measure created against the inflation race, a kind of advance of public administration employees for the renewal of collective agreements for the 2022-2024 three-year period, a “buffer” waiting to have the necessary resources.

who gets the bonus

As mentioned, the one-time bonus is reserved for government employees, particularly employees of:

  • all State Administrations;
  • companies and autonomous state administrations, regions, provinces, municipalities, mountain communities, their consortia and associations;
  • Bodies of the National Health Service;
  • school and university institutions;
  • Autonomous Institutes of Social Housing (IACP);
  • Chambers of commerce, industry, handicrafts and agriculture and their associations;
  • National, regional and local non-economic public institutions, administrations and companies;
  • The deliberative representative agency of public administrations (ARAN);
  • judges, lawyers and prosecutors;
  • military, police and fire personnel;
  • university professors;
  • personnel from diplomatic, prefectural and prison management careers.

Increases to civil servants: amounts

How much does this “one-time surcharge” cost? The bonus provides an increase equal to 1.5% of the salary and, as a result, enriches with the growth of professional positions and payroll. As indicated in the tables on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the increases start and increase at a minimum of around 30 euros, but the August payment will be richer than usual as it will also include all expenses. Monthly debts from January to date. Employees with the minimum increase can find a gross increase of €185, which is the sum of the months yet to be paid, while it can reach €534 for first-level managers.

Mef’s tables

As described above, all tables containing the bonus value for employees in each category are posted on the Mef website. Here are all the useful links.

Invalid personnel CENTRAL DUTIES Department and managerial personnel of the relevant Region on the basis of the National Collective Bargaining Agreements in force

  • ministries
  • Non-economic public institutions
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Special Consumption Customs Office State Monopolies
  • CNEL
  • Central Functions – New Hire

Non-executive staff Executive staff of the relevant Area on the basis of the EDUCATION and RESEARCH sector and applicable National Collective Bargaining Agreements

  • School
  • AFAM
  • research institutions
  • University

Non-executive personnel of the HEALTH sector and executive personnel of the relevant field on the basis of the National Collective Bargaining Agreements in force

  • Health care
  • Health – New Recruits

Non-executive personnel LOCAL DEPARTMENTS Branch and enforcement personnel of the relevant Region on the basis of the National Collective Bargaining Agreements in force

  • Native Functions
  • Local Functions – New Hire

According to the current CCNL basis, non-executive personnel of the PRESIDENCY OF THE COUNCIL OF MINISTRY and the executive personnel of the relevant Region

  • pcm extension


  • Air forces
  • Army
  • Marina
  • Gendarme
  • Finance Officer
  • port officials
  • state police
  • Prison Police
  • Military Chaplains (Armed Forces)
  • Military Chaplains (Police Forces)
  • firefighters

DIPLOMATIC CAREER on the basis of the current DPR

  • diplomatic career

PRIORITY CAREER based on current DPR

  • governor’s career

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