Delays in expansion projects create a risk of power outages on the coast

Delays in power generation and transmission expansion projects in the country are causing network exhaustion due to increased demand and leading to power outages on the Caribbean coast, as indicated by the National Operation Council (CNO) in a letter sent to the Ministry of Mining and Energy since last May.

This situation was endorsed by the National Interconnected System (SIN) operator, XM, who issued a warning about the current situation in the industry.

The CNO is the body in charge of the technical aspects to ensure that the integrated operation of the National Interconnected System-SIN is secure, reliable and economic, and is the executor of the Implementing Regulations.

It points out that some of the risks identified are caused by expansion delays, as several projects, both in generation and transmission, face proprietary, social, logistical, procedural and environmental constraints and constraints, which, if they are not managed integrally, way with institutional support, the security and reliability of the SIN may be affected.

He gives as an example the delays in the works related to the Colectora 500 kV substation and the Sogamoso-Norte-Nueva Esperanza 500 kV and Virginia-Nueva Esperanza 500 kV projects, and the archiving of the environmental permitting process for the interconnection line to the SIN of the Alpha, Beta, Acacias and Camelias wind power stations, which together account for 842 MW.

Source: El heraldo