In his portfolio is a large part of the country’s future: unions to the new minminas

He added that, among other challenges, he leads an industry that is the main generator of foreign currency and resources for the national government and regional governments.

“The battle against illegal mining and formalize informal mining. In his portfolio is a large part of the country’s future,” Andi’s president emphasized.

For his part, Francisco Lloreda, president of the Colombian Oil and Gas Association (ACP), welcomed the new Minister of Mines and Energy and wished him success in his management.

Context: Who is Ómar Andrés Camacho, the new Minister of Mines and Energy?

“I wish you every success in your policy in favor of a policy of security, self-sufficiency and energy reliability in a responsible integral transition process within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. The union reiterates its willingness to cooperate with the national government and the Ministry of Mines and Energy at a decisive moment in the country,” said the ACP leader.

Camacho is an electrical engineer from the University Francisco Jose de Calda. He also has a degree in physics and is currently pursuing a PhD in engineering from the same institution.

In turn, he had served as an adviser to the cabinet of the Minister of Mines and Energy, Irene Velez, and within his experience in the political field, he was a member of the Farc Party and served as secretary of the House of Representatives Peace Committee, in an appointment that sparked great controversy at the time.

Source: El heraldo