The free trade agreement with the US boosts exports from the Atlantic

Ten years after the entry into force of the free trade agreement (TLC) with United Statesthe balance for the Atlantic Ocean is positive. Non-mining energy exports were USD 518.7 million in 2021, growing by 142.9% compared to 2012, when they were USD 213.6 million.

The United States was the main destination for exports of the Atlantic Ocean and represented 50% of the total.

According to figures from DANEthe sectors showing the greatest growth, driven by the conditions offered by the free trade agreement plastics, which went from $28.6 million in 2012 to $302,291 in 2021, with a growth of 9,352.4%.

The construction industry grew by 524%, from $40.9 million in 2012 to $311.5 million in 2021.

Source: El heraldo